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Server Lag-

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Server Lag- Empty Server Lag-

Post by Oinache on Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:06 pm

Server Lag-

For about 2 hours and a half, the server has been lagging continuously for me. I'm on 4 bars of internet, and I can't even say "@freeitem" without disconnecting.

One of the admins said that the owner was sleeping.
(well, he/she said that there were 2 admins that were sleeping) But does it really matters? Once theres an admin on, there's a HUGE responsibility for that one admin.

I'm not here to say "Fhix dis you n0obs", but to say "This server needs more work". Although, this server is making HUGE process. Yes yes, I know that this server is still a BETA version. monocle

So far, this server is AH-MAZING, but it needs more work.
Thanks for hearing me out. -SeaBiscuit

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Server Lag- Empty Re: Server Lag-

Post by Amish on Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:32 pm

You should check out the Xat chat next time. The sever needs a restart to fix the lag and the Coder/Owner are the only two that can restart it. Telling Anna to fix it does absolutely nothing, since she can't.

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