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Asking GMs stupid questions

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Asking GMs stupid questions Empty Asking GMs stupid questions

Post by Annabelle on Sun May 20, 2012 6:19 pm

To the kids asking us any of the following stupid questions: Stop.

BEFORE you PM a GM, think to yourself "Hm, is this REALLY an issue that can't be solved by someone else?" "Is this REALLY something I should bother a staff member with?" If the answer is yes, continue. If the answer is no, go ask someone else, and don't bother us.

So, some rules here:
- ASK PLAYERS FIRST, if the players are incapable of helping you THEN go to a GM and ask.
- DO NOT PESTER US ABOUT TRAINING YOU/PLACES TO TRAIN, a GMs job is not to tell you how to play the game, that's for you to do on your own.
- DO NOT ASK US TO SPAWN MONSTERS FOR YOU, I mean come on. That's just basic knowledge. You get everything free already, train on your own and stop being lazy.
- STOP ASKING US IF/WHEN CERTAIN JOBS WILL WORK, make it and find out, or ask ANY player, chances are they'll also know.
- STOP ASKING US FOR ITEM IDs look for the forum thread that gives you links to ways to find them, and FIND THEM YOURSELF. Or search in game for them, it's not hard to find them on your own at all, and you should be more than capable of doing it without any help from others.

Link to a place to dl a handbook, for ITEM IDs:

If any of you are asking us these questions and we get fed up, don't go crying off because we're "rude". It's rude to pester people in these positions with utterly pointless questions. If you ask a stupid question, expect a stupid answer.

If you want to leave a good impression of yourself to the staff members here, learn to be independent. Depending on others constantly shows us you're weak and lazy, and that's never a good impression to leave.

Asking GMs stupid questions L3CVf

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