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Intern Application Outline! *Must Follow*

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Intern Application Outline! *Must Follow* Empty Intern Application Outline! *Must Follow*

Post by Annabelle on Tue May 08, 2012 2:17 pm

Prerequisite - required or necessary as a prior condition.

  • Please use the best English you can, we do not appreciate people applying when they "tlk lik diz" on their applications.
  • If you start an unnecessary fight on the forums you will lose your chance of being GM. Simple as that.
  • You must get along with all of the current staff members.
  • You must be mature.
  • If you are aware of another staff member breaking the rules and you do not report it to the Admins you will lose your position.
  • You must have at least 250mil mesos plus items to give out as prizes for events you host.

    It is required of interns to host player events. You can use your own items as prizes, and may use whatever you like.

    If you apply and fail to meet any one of these prerequisites, you will automatically be rejected. No questions asked.

To make things a little more organized, we prefer that you use our forum application outline.


Where do you live/Timezone:

How active will you be:


How you'd handle a hacker:

If two people were fighting, what would you do?:

How many servers have you been a staff member in?(list them):

Why should we choose you:

If you saw a fellow staff member, friend or not, abusing his powers what would you do?:

Reason I applied:

How much mesos do you have?(Screenshot for proof, with your char in the picture):

Extra Info:

In-game name:

A few pointers...

  • Use colors! It makes your application a little easier to read. Personally, I'd avoid colors that are hard to read on this forum like.. white, yellow, etc..
  • Add personality to your answers, humor always helps and loosens up the readers a bit, if you can make them laugh chances are they'll like you.
  • Don't kiss ass.
  • Don't bug us about your application. If you ask a GM to read your application you will be denied, whether you're a good friend of a staff member or not.
  • Don't lie.

Good luck!
That is all.

Intern Application Outline! *Must Follow* L3CVf

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